What you Need to know about Aluminum Diamond Plates

Aluminum diamond plate also known as checker plate or thread plate is a light weight fabrication that often has a design of raised diamonds on one surface and the other being dull. The common diamond plates are usually aluminum, steel or stainless steel. Aluminum diamond plates are a highly valued metal because of its properties. The sheets from this metal are widely used in industries and also in the house. Storage containers, running boards, dance floors, catwalk stages, ambulance floors, mud guards, floor tile, fire truck’s foot-plates, truck tool boxes, wall panes and much more are often made from the aluminum diamond plate.

The anti-slip texture, malleability, and durability of diamond plate makes it quite ideal for industrial use. Also it is advantageous for non experts since it is quite easy to bend it to the desired shape and even drill it. Its shiny feature also makes it to be the most sought metal plate.

Cutting aluminum sheets is easy if the right tools are used, i.e, you can cut it at home by just using a table saw with blade. However some expertise is required in cutting sheets, also additional tools would be required. This is due to the diamond patterns which makes the diamond plates hard and more complicated to cut as compared to plain aluminum sheets. 

In order to cut aluminum diamond plates therefore, you would require a pencil, two saw horses, safety glasses, metal cutting blade- power jigsaw, and of course you would need gloves for safety while cutting the aluminum diamond plates.

Although some companies claim to be producing a rot and corrosive free, this eventual y turns out to be false after some time when the plate gets exposed to external environmental elements. Truck tool boxes for instance can collect hard water deposits which are hard to remove.

Aluminum diamond plates also often loose their shine because of the top layer getting worn out. However you are required to clean aluminum diamond plate’s surface regularly in order to maintain the original sparkle of the plate. This is of course not an easy thing to do but a necessity so as to ensure the aluminum diamond plate lasts longer. An advisable way to clean the aluminum diamond plate is by use of aluminum cleaner or polish. Deposits on the plate surface should be removed by scratching them with steel wool. Alternatively, you can scrub the foreign materials from the surface by using an electric buffing wheel with lambs’s wool attached to the buffing pad.

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How to make creative cards

It’s that time of the year again! Turkey holiday! It’s time to eat, celebrate and be thankful for what we have. Happy thanksgiving! It’s a holiday we usually spend home, with our families or the close ones. And if we can’t be there there are always Thanksgiving cards! A good holiday card can make a lot of impact if you are away from the ones you love and sending a warm message to your folks is always a good thing. So, what makes a good card? Here are a few tips and tricks.

Get personal

If you want your card to really show how you feel, it might be the best to make you own. As we said, Thanksgiving is a family holiday and sending a piece of your own charm can be the best way to go. When making your own card, you can personalize it the way you want. You have the ultimate freedom to do whatever you like and really show some unique spirit. Will it be a standard size or a custom one? One page or a booklet? Will you use some new and unusual materials? We don’t know because, the point here is to…


Get creativeHomemade_-Thanksgiving_-Cards_
Choosing different material combination, color schemes and motives is what you are looking for.Innovative approach to making or choosing a card can be your best friend. Why stick to the cardboard when you can combine it other materials, organic or not. You can add a pieces of cloth to create a unique shape or go for   leaves or branches (it’s autumn, after all). You can attach some feathers for authenticity or simple draw a   turkey. Your card can be a little celebration for itself. Turkey, leaves, pilgrims and native Americans can  all find a place on the card. Thanksgiving holiday cards are usually in the yellow or brown tone range,  but  do not be afraid to change that! Be festive! Be original!

Be honest
Again, for both cases – bought or made, your cards are nothing if they are just pictures. A few written lines to your loved ones or family will make all the change. If you are not a word master, do not worry, you can find some nice and cool phrases after a few minutes of googling, but it would be the best if you were to write something of your own. When doing so, try to be honest and express what you truly feel and you should not have any problems. Your unique word will be recognized by your friends or family and they will appreciate it that much more.

Be funny
For last, we leave you this option. If you are known as the joker in the group or if you are feeling inspired, you can always try to get some smiles from the card readers. Inserting a joke should not be a problem as long as it is not too much for the holiday.




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